Blue Sky School


Karen Hill, Director, Mental Wellness

Karen’s passion is to level the playing field for students at risk. Karen lives by the motto that a society is only as strong as the value it holds for the potential of each individual within it.  

Karen has extensive training in the areas of behaviour management, sensory processing and mental health, and works as a Special Education Teacher in a Behaviour Intervention Program with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board.

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Shauna Pollock, Director, Instructional Design

Shauna’s life purpose is simple: she creates safe, inspiring places for learners. Shauna recognises all learners need someone who believes in them.

Shauna is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, recognized for student-centred teaching and creative integration of technology, and author of Creating Classroom Magic: Using Lessons from the Life of Walt Disney to Create an Experimental Prototype Classroom of Tomorrow.

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