"Finally, a school that understands how I learn."

Blue Sky School is a completely new kind of learning experience for grade 4-12 learners, open to children from a wide range of backgrounds. 

We are Canada's first full-time school designed as an innovation centre and entrepreneurial incubator for youth.

We love visitors!

If you are a student and feel you could benefit from a different learning model...

If you are a parent or caregiver and feel your loved one(s) could benefit from an alternative educational setting...

If you are interested in sharing your passions with others....

If you feel curious and intrigued...

We'd love to have you visit! Spur of the moment visitors are most welcome; however, you may wish to email hello@blueskyschool.ca in advance as we often head out to explore the community!

ReImagining school

Two student advisors and a pioneer student wrote, acted and directed this video describing Blue Sky School.

What is Blue Sky School?

The Experimental Prototype School of Tomorrow

We are taking a cue from new ideas and technologies that are emerging from creative centres around the world. 

Our school is an innovation centre that is always evolving, and constantly introducing, testing and demonstrating new ideas.

Blue Sky School will always be a showcase to the world of ingenuity in education. We don’t believe that there is a challenge anywhere in the world that is more important to people everywhere than finding solutions to the problems of our schooling system.

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Blue Sky School is opening in Kanata, Ontario, Canada with a pioneer class of ten grade 6-8 students in September, 2017.

Think Tanks and Community Meetings will be held throughout 2017. Join us for our next one!

The Team

Founded by educators Karen Hill and Shauna Pollock and supported by an incredible bus full of students, innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, dreamers and doers, the Blue Sky School team is working around the clock to make our students' wildest and most ambitious dreams come true.

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Blue Sky School

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