Blue Sky School

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We are on a mission to change education

Students have one chance at their education. Providing the most empowering, transformative learning experience is essential.

Blue Sky School is an innovative not-for-profit independent school in Ottawa that develops the next generation of changemakers. Our individualized education model empowers students to discover and explore their passions and includes partnerships with today’s innovative leaders in a variety of industries.

In the past 150 years, the world has changed significantly, yet our education system has not. In parallel with Canada’s 150th Birthday, Blue Sky School launched in 2017 with a model for a whole new way of teaching and learning. 

By building our innovative school as a prototype, we inspire people locally and globally to reimagine schooling and learning and challenge assumptions. We believe deeply in young people and create the space for them to uncover passions, dream blue sky dreams and support them in their personal learning journeys.

What’s different at Blue Sky School:

  • Our outcomes are focused on supporting learners to understand how they learn and in empowering them to have an impact.
  • Learners engage in passion projects that empower them to impact the world in positive ways.
  • Learners define and refine their own learning goals and have ownership and agency over their learning.
  • High standards for student performance established by all members of school community: students, staff and families.
  • Workshops, lessons and coaching  based on student needs and interests.
  • 8-15 students: 1 teacher ratio.
  • Multi-grade learning groups organized in “Houses” that are consistent throughout a learner’s entire schooling.
  • An enriched Ontario curriculum with a focus on themed and interdisciplinary learning; including global citizenship, digital literacy, innovation/entrepreneurship, mental health and wellness, healthy living, design thinking and financial literacy.
  • Inclusive programming for grade 4-12 students.
  • Passionate subject matter experts, coaches and mentors from various disciplines and industries in residence.
  • Focus on developing and supporting mental health and wellness. 
  • The city is our classroom: students explore the community through field trips and volunteer opportunities.
  • Innovative school facilities inspired by Entrepreneurial Incubators and Innovation Centres that include:
    • Co-working and independent work spaces based on Thornburg's Ancient Gathering Spaces;
    • Open spaces for large group discussions, activities, presentations, independent work stations and meetings;
    • Prototype Lab, onsite Maker Space;
    • Fully operational kitchen for meal preparation, baking, experimentation.
  • Trans-Canada trail located just outside the doors of our school.

Blue Sky School is a living blueprint of the future of education by welcoming educators, thought leaders and researchers to learn alongside our students. For more information, please explore our website or get in touch at


Alliance for Self-Directed Education

Blue Sky School is a proud member of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education

Alternative Education Resource Association

Blue Sky School is part of the education revolution with the Alternative Education Resource Association

Canadian Education Association

Blue Sky School is proud to be part of the EdCan Network