Useful Links for Current Families

The following links contain information that is restricted to Blue Sky School learners, coaches and family members. If a link does not work for you, please contact your learner's Pedagogical Coach to request your email address be added to an "authorized" list.

  • Family Manual - updated regularly with all important information for families
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Out of the Blue podcast - Weekly, we record a 30 minute live podcast that is archived on VoicEd Radio. To understand what learning at Blue Sky School is like, listen to these reflective, storytelling, problem-solving podcasts!
  • Every morning, learners complete a "How Do You Feel Today?" form. The form is updated and adjusted as information needs evolve. The information in this form is only available to the learner's Pedagogical Coach.

Ask your learner to log into the sites below to show you what they are working on:

Blue Sky School is a living blueprint to the future of education. As an experimental prototype, we are constantly reflecting, iterating and making changes to best suit our learners and their goals of learning how they learn and becoming changemakers. All policies, procedures and guidelines are living documents and subject to change at any time. Updates are posted live to Google Docs.