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"Experimental Prototype School of Tomorrow" Opening in Kanata

  • featured in Kanata Kourier-Standard, March 20, 2017
  • Blue Sky School, an independent not-for-profit, will be the first of its kind in Canada, said Shauna Pollock, who, along with Karen Hill, will host a meeting for prospective students and their parents on March 29.
  • “This is my dream, for my entire life, to open a whole new model of schooling,” said Pollock, an educator who has worked with students of all ages. “What we’re doing is we’re creating a space where there isn’t a wrong or a right kind of student. We actually create a space that works for every type of learning.”
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Zoning Change Request Submitted for New Kanata School

  • featured in Kanata Kourier-Standard, March 20, 2017 
  • Developer Modern Niagara Group Inc., a mechanical design company, has teamed up with the school’s founders Shauna Pollock and Karen Hill to build “an experimental prototype school of tomorrow” — a first of its kind in Canada.
  • “We found a partner who is in Kanata and they were able to help us with the space,” said Pollock, who has been teaching since 2005. “They’re helping us develop the actual physical school itself.”
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"Figure out what they are curious about and empower them"

  • featured on podcast, "Rolland Chidiac Connects," Ep 28
  • Shauna Pollock is an educator in Ottawa, Ontario. She is in the midst of preparing to open her own independent school in September 2017 - Blue Sky School.
  • Listen in to hear what Shauna has to say about what she is currently doing in education and her path to becoming a teacher [experiences along the way: Disney's EPCOT and how it influenced her classroom (and her book writing opportunity), starting a school for Syrian teenagers, the passionate learner experiment, and now working on opening her own school]
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Being a Catalyst in Education

  • VoiceEd Radio #Oedmentors, Ep 6
  • Co-founder Shauna Pollock joins an amazing groups of new and experienced teachers in the Ontario Education Mentors community and shares about Blue Sky School
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This Experimental Prototype School of Tomorrow Wants You to Forget Education as You Know it

  • featured on, July 17th, 2017
  • Co-founder, Shauna Pollock and futurist Roxanne Nicolussi talked about the future of education and Blue Sky School's role in disrupting the existing system
  • Education in the Year 2117 is student-centred. It is fluid and flexible, just like a child’s mind. Children are embedded into the world around them, solving real world problems. 
  • Blue Sky School brings this vision to life in September of 2017!

Cool School: Kanata warehouse home to 'experimental school of tomorrow'

  • featured in CBC News, September 4, 2017
  • brand new Blue Sky School is a not-for-profit, independent, "outside the box" type school
  • no classrooms; big open space to collaborate, a kitchen, exercise room, reading room, a 3D printer maker-space, even a tent
  • "a space where all ages of learners and all types of learners can explore, learn, iterate and prototype"
  • "there's a need to experiment. There are kids [who] are not being served in all of our systems, not just education, and we just need to experiment"
  • "hoping we can partner with public education and change the face of education everywhere"
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Blue Sky School 'the future of education'

  • featured in Kanata Kourier-Standard, August 31, 2017
  • Educational prototype opens in Kanata, welcomes students
  • Blue Sky School was built to mimic entrepreneurial incubators and innovation centres.
  • The idea is to expose students to as many different topics, fields and interests as possible, while including them in creating their own education road map.
  • "One of the things we’re trying to really value is starting where kids are at. So for some of our students, the first goal is ‘believing in myself’ or ‘self-advocacy.”
  • Kanata South Coun. Allan Hubley said the school’s vision is the way of the future. “This school excites me, I haven’t stopped talking about it,” he said. “I believe this is probably the future of education. I think that the pioneer students and others that follow are going to have a very unique advantage over the regular school program.” 
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Blue Sky School lighting the way to an education model of the future

  • featured on, November 17th, 2017
  • Our world has a changed a lot since the 19th century; despite this, our education system in Canada has not changed significantly, denying our children and youth to take advantage of some of the most powerful learning experiences the world has to offer.
  • Blue Sky School, based in Kanata, wants to change that.
  • Blue Sky School is an independent school and innovation hub with the aim of empowering the changemakers of the next generation. Founded by educators Shauna Pollock and Karen Hill, the school’s model is built around individual empowerment of students, encouraging them to discover and grow their passions.

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